For complete relaxation and unloading from the accumulated fatigue, Villa Philip offers massages with a thermo massage bed - it is a physiotherapeutic equipment using the latest scientific technologies: The basis of the work of this equipment is the following 5 basic principles:


Cairopractic - treatment of spinal cord distortions by the Western medicine method


Acupuncture - a method of healing on biologically active points by needles


Acupressure - treatment by point massage - finger massage


Moxa - Thermotherapy, Reflexotherapy. The Moxa Method - is a healing procedure based on the healing of medicinal herbs (moxa) just above the acupuncture points for their stimulation. Thermal effects of the human organism. Helium-neon and nephritis contribute to the penetration of heat in the body at a depth of 7 cm and the infrared rays from 4 to 5 times increase the effect compared to the usual MOXA method


Massage - classic massage


The effect of reflexotherapy is provided by the long-wave infrared thermal radiation of the internal massage heads. Infrared waves play the role of "needles", stimulating biologically active points along the entire length of the spine. The effect of internal massage heads provides the effect of point massage - "thumb pressure", stimulates nerve endings removes fatigue and nervous tension, relaxes the muscles. The heating is due to the thermal energy of the long infrared waves that carry it to the tissues and the internal organs. Relaxation is complemented by a dry sauna for four and triangular Jacuzzis.